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Tastings & Events

100% locally owned and community minded, Fort Mac Liquor Store is a favourite spot for residents and visitors to taste the best selection of domestic, import and craft beers, wines & spirits

Hand picked, 
by experts

Make a night out of it. Our experience guarantees yours!.

Our wine and spirits professionals host our tastings, and all events are designed to be fun, educational, and interactive!

Pairing decisions,
made in mind

Pairing like with like. Learn about beverages and how you serve alongside the dish.

One tool for picking drinks that go well with food or atmosphere is the awareness of acidity, the tartness, or sourness of your drink.

Fun nights out,
for friends & family

Did you know, smelling your beer is one of the most important steps in beer tasting!

Our events are a lively exploration of the culture, chemistry, and creativity that make craft beers, wines and spirits so wonderfully enjoyable.

Weekend Market
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